Essential Oils blends for Emotional Balance

Motivate Blend 

This blend can act as a support in rediscovering and maintaining one’s desire to serve. It confidently reassures that you have the courage to face another day.

  • Promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and belief
  • Counteracts negative emotions of doubt, pessimism, and cynicism

 doTERRA Motivate® Emotional Aromatherapy Blend includes Peppermint Plant, Clementine Peel, Coriander Seed, Basil Herb, Yuzu Peel, Melissa Leaf, Rosemary Leaf, Vanilla Bean Absolute.

Cheer Blend

This blend helps restore one’s hope when they have been stretched beyond the limits of their endurance. This blend inspires faith that life will work out for the best, despite difficulties and setbacks.

  • Promotes feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness
  • Counteracts negative emotions of feeling down, blue, or low

doTERRA Cheer® Emotional Aromatherapy Blend includes Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Star Anise Fruit/Seed, Lemon Myrtle Leaf, Nutmeg Kernel, Vanilla Bean Extract, Ginger Rhizome, Cinnamon Bark, Zdravetz Herb

Passion Blend 

This blend encourages individuals to take risks, to confidently face their fears, and to break free from the limitations they place on themselves. It inspires individuals to use their creativity and imagination to fulfill their true life’s passions.

  • Ignites feelings of excitement, passion, and joy
  • Counteracts negative feelings of boredom and disinterest

doTERRA Passion® Emotional Aromatherapy Blend includes Fractionated Coconut Oil, Cardamom Seed, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger Rhizome, Clove Bud, Sandalwood Wood, Jasmine Flower Absolute, Vanilla Bean Absolute, Damiana Leaf.

Forgive Blend 

This blend reminds individuals to live by the Golden Rule -- to treat others the way they themselves would like to be treated. It invites individuals to free themselves by realizing that others are usually doing the best they can and deserve compassion and forgiveness.

  • Promotes feelings of contentment, relief, and patience
  • Counteracts negative emotions of anger and guilt

doTERRA Forgive® Emotional Aromatherapy Blend includes Spruce Leaf, Bergamot Peel, Juniper Berry Fruit, Myrrh Resin, Arborvitae Wood, Nootka Tree Wood, Thyme Leaf, Citronella Herb

Console Blend 

Comforting Blend encourages individuals to seek divine intervention so they may experience the ever-present mantle of warmth, love, and consolation. It also helps ease one’s burdens, assists in experiencing a serene heart and mind, and guides individuals toward emotional rest.

  • Promotes feelings of comfort and hope
  • Counteracts negative emotions of grief, sadness, and hopelessness

doTERRA Console® Emotional Aromatherapy Blend includes Frankincense Resin, Patchouli Leaf, Ylang Ylang Flower, Labdanum Stem/Twig, Amyris Bark, Sandalwood Wood, Rose Flower, Osmanthus Flower.

Peace Blend

This blend reminds individual that only by connecting to the Divine will they cultivate lasting peace. Without this true peace, there is a human tendency to try to manufacture peace by controlling one’s environment and relationships. It invites individuals to trust in divine goodness and grace.

  • Promotes feelings of peace, reassurance, and contentment
  • Counteracts anxious and fearful emotions

doTERRA Peace® Emotional Aromatherapy Blend includes Vetiver Root, Lavender Flower, Ylang Ylang Flower, Frankincense Resin, Clary Sage Flower, Marjoram Leaf, Labdanum Leaf/Stalk, Spearmint Herb.

Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

The doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Touch line contains six unique essential oil blends combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil in 10 mL Roll-Ons for convenient and gentle topical application. These proprietary blends provide targeted emotional health benefits for the entire family and can be applied every day to specific points on the body to help balance and brighten your changing moods. 



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