Superpowers Course

Because we live in a physical world, we have been taught from a young age to depend on our five physical senses. What I propose to you is that we need to be aware that we have Spiritual senses as well.  Everyone has them; it’s a matter of developing them and strengthening them as we do with muscle. These Spiritual senses are your Superpowers. It’s time you learn how to use them!

The Superpowers Course Includes:

You’ll have access to a private online portal, with a personal login that we’ll send to you, which includes all of the following resources - in video, mp3 and PDF format:

How to Open Your Intuition

How to tune into that all-knowing, wise voice inside - the voice that is loving, non-judgmental and non-bossy. 

Guided Meditations

How to meditate for beginners, plus Guided Meditations for grounding, self-love, intuition, creativity, confidence and raising your vibration.

Video Trainings

You'll get several Video Trainings from me, walking you through how to “Fill Up Your Cup” and how to do your morning ritual consistently, even when you’re juggling family and career.

Music Playlist

This is my favorite music for a zen, relaxed state of mind. There are even Alpha Wave songs to induce productivity and creativity!

Breathing Technique

This breathing technique is my SUPER shortcut to reducing stress and thinking more creatively. And it takes less than a minute!

66 Positive Affirmations

Affirmations for meditation, creativity and abundance. I’ll be sending these to you DAILY to get you started!

Your Energy Type

Understand what specific type of energy you have (there are 8)—and figure out how you can find more balance and enhance your natural energy flow!