Epic Matcha

Culinary Grade Matcha from Japan (12 oz / 53¢ per serving)

Epic Matcha is sourced from Organic & sustainable tea farms in Japan. Epic Matcha is premium, 100% pure, USDA Certified organic green tea powder - a powerful antioxidant superfood that has amazing health benefits. Organically grown, our premium Matcha leaves are lovingly hand-picked and specifically harvested for greener color, softer texture, milder flavor and sweeter aroma. The culinary grade of Epic Matcha’s deep, sweet, bold flavor is the perfect culinary contrast to other ingredients in your lattes, smoothies or snacks

Includes 3 pouches of Organic Matcha. Each pouch contains 4 ounces, 45 servings. Grown in Japan.

    Coffee vs Matcha

    While one serving of matcha has much less caffeine than coffee, it provides a sustained energy boost – without the jitters or crash at the end. This is because matcha contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps your body to process caffeine differently and create a state of calm alertness, improve focus and helps you concentrate. Plus, no coffee breath. Enough said.

    Matcha green tea contains over 10 times the nutrientscompared to regular green tea, white tea, Rooibos tea and Yerba Mate.  It also contains 137x the metabolism-boosting EGCGs (a type of catechin and polyphenol) than that which is found in regular green tea.

    "The best value, not to mention the health benefits and ability to discontinue my coffee addiction! Thanks, Epic Matcha!! You rock!!!!" - Kelly A. Connery

    "Just made a matcha latte for my sisters and myself. It is delicious and has a smooth taste not bitter at all. If you're looking for a coffee replacement try this matcha tea."  - Beverly Watson

    "I am very happy with this matcha and I have recommended it to all of my friends. I added it to my shakes and it gives me good energy without the crash I get with coffee." - Erin CP

    The Powers of Matcha

    Elements of Matcha

    Nutrition Facts

    Nutritional Facts:Below is a nutritional breakdown of the key ingredients in our organic Epic Matcha green tea.

    Serving:One serving of Matcha green tea (1/2 tsp or 1 gram) offers approximately the following nutrients naturally:


    • Energy 3.24 Calories
    • Polyphenols 100mg
    • Protein 306mg
    • Lipids 50mg
    • Carbohydrates 385 mg
    • Tea Caffeine 25 mg
    • Dietary Fiber 385 mg
    • Theophylline 0.42 mg
    • ORAC Units 1384
    • Total Amino Acids 272 mg

    Vitamins & Minerals

    • Vitamin A Carotene 595 mg
    • Calcium 4.2 mg
    • Vitamin A Retinol Equiv. 99.17 mg
    • Magnesium 2.3 mg
    • Vitamin B1 .06 mg
    • Potassium 27 mg
    • Vitamin B2 .0135 mg
    • Phosphorus 3.5 mg
    • Vitamin B6 .009 mg
    • Iron .17 mg
    • Vitamin C .6 mg
    • Sodium .06 mg
    • Vitamin E .281 mg
    • Zinc .063 mg
    • Vitamin K 29 mcg
    • Copper .006 mg


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