"Life moves pretty fast.
If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."
- Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Life comes pretty fast and if you don’t take the time to process it and reflect on it, you could end up at a very different destination — and fast.  This is why it’s beneficial for you to “Take 8, love.” Remember this mantra.

The military has this saying that “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”  To go slow means to concentrate on your breath, consider your environment, aim onto the target carefully, and then make your shot. A hurried shot is a missed target. When you Take 8, this "slow" time helps to bring intuitive insights which makes your action time more creative and productive ("smooth and fast").

The Rule of 8

The Rule of 8 is simple and it will change your life. Here are three simple practices that will help you open up your intuition, help you increase your productivity and speed up your results.  You can adopt all practices at the same time or integrate them one-by-one as you feel comfortable.

Take 8 Minutes

Choose at least one time in your day that you can be still and silent for at least 8 minutes.  If needed, wake up earlier to have this time alone “to be.” For my 8-minute practice which can vary from 8 minutes to one hour if I desire, I start with a prayer and pour out gratitude for my blessings, declare my desires and ask my questions. Then, I sit and listen. With practice, I have been able to slow down my busy mind to the place where I’m thinking no thoughts, having no expectations, and having nothing but a blank canvas awaiting my intuition to send pictures, words and thoughts that flash quickly into my mind.

Take 8 Hours

Next, choose one day during your week “to be” for 8 hours. Yes, I realize this can be a challenge to schedule a full 8 hours. Here’s a different way to think about it. I remember reading a study about workplaces that allowed their employees to be free to create one day a week. They could work on anything in the name of innovation and creativity to help the company. This resulted in increased morale, productivity, innovation and higher profits. Employees produced ideas that turned into new products, services and processes. Without giving their employees the gift of 8 hours in the week to be free, these companies wouldn’t have seen these gains.

Now, think again about scheduling your 8 hours. It can be productive. You can still be working on something, but instead shift your focus on working on something you love.  Also, you don’t have to spend this time working – you can choose to do anything that helps you clear your mind and feel creative. See it as a reward for a job well done during the rest of the week.  Take 8 hours to do what you love and what you desire to explore. Schedule it in your calendar now. I’ll be here when you get back to the website. 😊

Take 8 Days

Do you know what’s next?  Probably the biggest ask yet. Yes, you guessed it, take 8 days per year to reflect, rest, relax, and receive inspiration and ideas. Personally, I schedule time away from my work, without a schedule or itinerary.  I love to travel, but I also realize that I don’t need to go anywhere to devote this time. In fact, staying near home can be the most restful and rejuvenating, without the stress of packing bags, airports and being outside of one’s comfort zone. Of course, being outside one’s comfort zone is freeing and opens the ability to see things from a different perspective. The point is, you don’t need to go anywhere to do this.  Schedule 8 days in your calendar right now.I’ll wait for you.

"Take 8, Love"

The main takeaway is to take time (as little as 8 minutes) for yourself, to love yourself, so that when you turn to serve others, you’re drawing from a full cup instead of an empty one.  It’s the true meaning behind “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” because you can only love others to the degree that you love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you don’t have as much love to give others. Love grows for others when you have more love for yourself. We are talking about a healthy confidence and love for one’s self — a love that stems from knowing that you’re a divine spirit and a child of God. 

It may seem impossible that you can speed up time by slowing down, but if you’ve ever gone down a wrong path and had to turn around, you know having the right directions in the first place would have saved a lot of time and energy.

Based upon 3 powerful pillars: